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hey boys

2012-07-13 15:15:39 by CatSage


New CSJS to come out soon.

2012-07-07 13:58:11 by CatSage

There is a new CSJS in the works as we speak, Because I know how you fans have been growing impatient waiting for it. I will be continuing the plot of the rebooted series, and I'm officially dropping the old plot. It was too convoluted. I won't be working with the Kitty Krew any longer either, Although I really enjoyed my time there, If it weren't for that N****r baby I might go back, But that is neither here nor there. There isn't many positive things that can be said about the kitty krew, but I've always admired them for their shit, and the fact that they never claimed to be anything better then shit.

Anyway N****rs are n****rs, and Baby is a Baby-faggot.
Expect CSJS 12 to be out sometime soon, probably next week at some point, depending on how much effort I put in it.
Here is the first episode, Detective Time! In case you missed it, and have a yearning to watch a genuinely good flash.

New CSJS to come out soon.

Another turd for the kitty krew.

2012-01-11 12:47:04 by CatSage

With every turd we grow that much stronger. Only the chosen
one has the power to stop us, and that guy is a complete faggot.

Another turd for the kitty krew.

does anyone else thing that...

2011-12-25 17:21:46 by CatSage

M-bot is a gay faggot? Your thoughts..

Newest flash is out.//

2011-12-09 17:14:01 by CatSage

it's pretty good as always. I'll be continuing the cat sage justice sage
plot sometime soon, but In the mean time I might make more flashes
like this I gues. I know you guys will love it.

P.S. The argonian wife sounds like betty white.//

Newest flash is out.//

I've never banned a single person from posting on my page
POST ANYTHING! I do this because I love each and everyone
of you, and all of your posts are funny. Even if the post itself
isn't funny, it's funny that you would say that given that you
are a retard with a gaping asshole.//

This is my face when I read one of your comments:

I want all of you fags to know this.//

so yeah, expect something that will blow your minds, Just like
the last couple episodes of CSJS. I'm going to still be follow thing
detective plot though. Unless something else happens. I never
start one of these fucking masterpieces with any sort of Idea
of what will happen.

Also the madness combat series is for faggots.

Long live the Khajiit Krew!

Probably going to start a new flash tomorrow.

Another new one.

2011-10-29 02:04:37 by CatSage

I should save some of this inspiration that I got going on for
my next masterbation fantasy.

Another new one.

New CSJS episode out.//

2011-10-27 17:52:54 by CatSage

It's good to see that I am still a better flash artist then egoraptor.

I hope you guys enjoy it. It took ages to finish.

New CSJS episode out.//

Made a new flash.

2011-10-26 21:58:20 by CatSage

I'm so much better at making flashes then egoraptor, you don't
even know. on a side note, matrix12 sucked my dick yesterday
and it was fantastic. that man sucks like a gay vacuum cleaner.

I'm shaping up to be the best flash artist on newgrounds right now.
And it's all thanks to the Kitty Krew, you guys should join that shit
right now.