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Does anyone find it ironic that there is a terrible cartoon reviewing other terrible cartoons now? How do you make a flash animation series about that anyway?

I've watched a number of episodes for this series, and it's just garbage.
The animation quality could be considered good, if it were being submitted five or ten years ago. And the humor was pretty terrible too. Worst of all the setting had literally nothing to do with the actual animation.

About as funny as the average episode of The Big Bang Theory. Which is to say, very boring.
I don't think anyone realizes this, but they are applauding a commercial. That is pretty much what these animations boil down to.

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Pretty good, it would be nicer if the targeting was a little more streamlined, Or if you didn't need to use the mouse, It makes us laptop users get hand cramps. Otherwise this is a very solid game and those things are just minor complaints.//

I got 248

Am I good person yet?
also this is a pretty solid game you guys.
I don't think it deserves such a low score,
alteast is isn't an egoraptor submission.//

111122223188 responds:

egoraptors not that bad just imagine he could be explosm
anyway your score is just random. the protesters appear at random and you cant really miss any but your score seemed quite normal

awesome Idea bro

how about next time for the sequel Manticores versus third Reich.
it was a pretty cool pixalish game aside from that.

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So true.

I was around back then too, but I was a fag at that
point in time so It doesn't really count.//

C-G-B responds:

What is the most you ever lost on a coin toss.



C-G-B responds:


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It's beautiful....

I now know what it is to be a fan of earthbound.

awesome bro.

isn't madness day da beeeeeesssssst????


it's not that bad, but not necessarily that good.
the eyes are a little messed up and it has an overall
look of mediocrity. Still theres some good color
work here, and the character reminds me of an old
character I used to work on.

The one thing I really dislike about this drawing is
the background. It looks like he is trying to intimidate
me or something, but is just coming off as one dimensional
and unimaginative. (Plus a level 9 sciencemancer is not
easily threatened). Anyway good effort and keep at it.

Rennis5 responds:

This guy is supossed to be a fighter from the streets, what did you expect? Maybe I forgot to mention that.
Maybe I should have put more time into this one.
I don't know what a science-mancer is but that sounds like an oxymoron.
Thank you for the review dude

Hey fags, I'm the greatest animator of all time and if you don't want me to call the cops on you, you should suck my cock to gain insight into some of lifes greatest mysteries. Also my cum is gold. Do it.//

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